short: "panhandle"

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short: "see through rust"

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short; "state meets main"

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short: "everywherever pt2"

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short: "etiam in pugna"

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short: 'borders... 1"

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project: dead drive mix tapes part 2 "protohio"

With all the "demo/rough mixes" complete and all the mixes organized by musical content, I ended up with 12 collections. These 12 spanned from around 1999 to the present. I used 5 different DAWs to produce (more on that later) and the one collection that was the closest to what I'd be willing to share was a "weekend album"* I'm currently calling: "protohio"

In 2004 I stopped trying to write songs and was more interested in instrumental pieces built around sounds. Over the next couple of years I began experimenting with electronic music and even building gear (circuit bending, synthesizers, pedals, etc.) A lot of things got recorded, but hardly anything got finished.

In the winter of 2008 I was determined to get a batch of tracks completed so I started using a process I called the "weekend album". The rules for this one were:

1. each track can only be made with sounds created from a single instrument
2. Only use the plugins, samplers, tools that come included with Ableton Live

These restrictions essentially forced me to actually play the instruments and create entire arrangements in my mind even before I recorded anything.

There are 5 tracks and they're named after the piece of gear they were made from;

1. ARP Odyssey
2. Bass
3. Stratocaster
4. Alesis HR16 Drum Machine (circuit bent)
5. Alesis SR16 Drum Machine (circuit bent)

[future bandcamp link coming soon]

Each track is literally nothing but the sounds made from one piece of gear recorded, sampled and edited to cover each of the parts. Example: all of the drum sounds on "Bass" were made with the Bass and loaded into Impulse (Abletons drum machine at the time)

I've used some of the "protohio" rough mixes as soundtracks for some instagram shorts. Theyre on my instagram feed and posted in this blog if you want to check them out.

circa 2008 (cuyahoga falls oh)

*weekend album: setting a goal on Friday to be completed by Sunday night. Usually: "produce X number of tracks using a specific set of rules"

project: dead drive mix tapes pt1 "origin"

The number one killer of most music production is: "not finishing anything"

Obvious? Yes.
The problem itself isn't procrastination of effort, it's the unwillingness to call something done and take the next steps (relaesing it).

I'm still in the process of setting up and getting my gear dialed in (6 months later0. Don't get me wrong. I've been set up and recording and mixing - a least 5 different times - I've also changed my ideas about what gear is actually necessary to keep around and at my current age, I believe I'm at the purge/minimalism part of the cycle.

That's another subject/post.

I'm at the point where I'm collecting/organizing/backing up and as expected, I've got a lot of material buried in project files that are now organized chronologically. With bullheaded determination I declared that every one of these projects would either be mixed or catalogged as "shit to never be opened again". Once mixed, I began categorizing them by style and even grouping them together in separate "collections". These individual collections may eventually become actual albums but for now I call them:

"the dead drive mixtapes"


modular synths and Learning Modular

If you've been following this blog for a while, you may be wondering "what's with all the guitars and where did the modular synthesizers go?"

(or maybe not - but I needed a line to start this post)

short answer: "you've caught me in a transitional period"

I've recently moved to a new town and one of my long range objectives is to start playing music live again. Regardless of past performances (live soundtracks for silent movies in Pittsburgh) and what I do to pay the bills (building modular synthesizers), my core competency is the wire and wood.

Most of the live work I'm gonna get around here will tap on my guitar work.

You'll notice that my modular synth rig is in the background of all the videos. I've had it up and running since the day after I got the recording rig set up (even before I got my guitars dialed in).

The real reason for this post was to find an excuse to pitch a resource that I've been tracking for a while: Learning Modular's Website

learning modular

Chris Meyer's resume includes: designing gear for Sequential, Digidesign, Marion Systems (Tom Oberheim), and Roland, writing for for Keyboard and Music Technology magazines, and teaching synthesis at UCLA.

He's also got 20 + years of media (film and video including courses on graphics and editing software)

On a related note, Chris is also among the ranks of people marketing their talent on Patreon:


In exchange for $5 a month, you'll get access to selected video content.

Patreon is one of those "business model things" I'm interested in because a large share of the revenue goes directly to the producer. As "the future of work" evolves, I will always try to at least evangelize things that I think will replace the time a person "has to spend to maintain a lifestyle" with "a lifestyle that will provide" what a person needs.


muddy tone revisited

added to my audition reel (playlist)

I heard about local soundmen frowning on "big amps" (read: loud). These are experiments aimed at getting the same tone/feel from my Twin at low volumes. This is what I'm gonna roll with until my homebrew pieces start coming to life.


amp work: Tweed Dirty

when my day job started to include making speaker cabs and amp enclosures, one of the first things I wanted to work with was tweed.

three years ago I started a tweed head for a small 18w handwired chassis.

I was working by hand and my woodworking chops could never quite get the symmetry of the curves I was going for with the front or rear panels.

this project was backburnered until I could get the lines I liked.

after arriving in TX, I got access to CNC and the first thing I did was cut and tolex the panels.

the catch? the rest of the head had already aged a little and the colors were mismatched.

I tried to age the new parts - didn't work.

The next best option was to make the whole head looked aged and blend the differing shades. 


added audition page

I just updated the blog to include an audition page (+youtube plylist) for linking to "guitarist seeking" posts:

Link to audition page here (and the menu bar)

Know someone in the 512 area code looking for a guitar player?: please share - thanks!


straturday 20170624

 my new favorite thing - a one minute theme gig for instagram (my instagram: stratman512)

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